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BTC Presetting Unit



                 BTC Starter I                               Accessories                                      Software

BTC I Starter

  • Easy to use with a quick learning curve and minimal training
    • The time consuming fine adjustment is no longer necessary
  • The dynamic crosshairs immediately move to the cutting edge and automatically measure the entire camera image
  • Fast measuring, configuration, and testing of tools (length and diameter)
  • Various measuring programs, for example to measure radial and axial concenricity on the tool shank
  • Quick and easy printing of measurements
  • Easy to create the tool contour with software functions

Savings with BILZ Tool Presetting Unit

Increased Productivity Through Higher Machine Uptime

  • No adjustments to the machine needed due to precisely measured and preset tools
  • Tools measured with the presetting unit optimize machine uptime
  • No scrap, the first workpiece is already true to size

Quick Familiarization Through Simple and Intuitive Operation

  • Fast measuring, calibration, and testing of tools with different measuring programs
  • Simple operation with one-hand control and measuring with dynamic crosshairs
  • Zero point monitoring adapter and printing of measuring results

Increased Cutting Quality on the Workpiece

  • Non-contact measuring of the tools prevents damage to the cutting edge
  • Test the cutting edge with cutting inspection and controlling of wear and eruption
  • Process safety by preventing chatter