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Technical Contact
Ulrich Zierer
Tel: +49 (0) 711 / 34801-184

ThermoGrip® heat shrink technology

Local heat instead of global warming

Patented cylindrical counterbore:

  • pre-centering of the tool for an automatic shrink process
  • 15% - 20% lower energy demand during the heating process

Patented pole disc:

  • Local heat in the hotspot (concentration)
  • Shielding of the magnetic field against the tool shank
  • Increased efficiency of inductive heating

ISG device technology:

  • Tool changes in less then 30 seconds

Patented water cooling system "Cool Down":

  • "Cool Down" cools 10x more efficiently then contact cooling systems
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Technical Contact Mr. Ulrich Zierer

Tel: +49 (0) 711/34801-184


3-D animation "shrink process" for download

Download ThermoGrip Catalogue

Technical information as main catalogue for download

Technical article (press release)

Local heat instead of global warming - published in "Werkstatt und Betrieb" (2010)