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TDSc Data Carrier

ToolDialog Smart connectivity

RFID technology for modern industrial applications with industry 4.0 on our doorsteps, Bilz has developed an optimised and cost effective solution for in-process tooling identification.




Transmission in UHF-Range, ISO 18000-6

  • Small frame size
  • Compact design
  • Low-cost chip with small storage area (EPC 16 Byte)
  • Identification with globally unique ID-Nr. (TID 12 Byte)
  • Data management in primary database



Advantages of the small frame size

  • New type of mounting: no glue necessary
  • Chip is also applicable in small worpieces (for example: tools)
  • Clipping onto disk bore within seconds, in accordance with DIN ISO 7388-3
  • Patent pending


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