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Technical contact
Thomas Volke
Tel: +49 (0) 711 / 34801-38

Hermetikus air pressure - couplings

Know-How with tradition: 90 years air pressure couplings in Bilz product range

• Equipment for air pressure units
• Connection of tubes
• Connection of air pressure tools

Safe and quick coupling and decoupling of the hose by a safety lock

The valve only opens if the socket of the coupling is locked in place.
The socket can only be taken out of the coupling after the connection had been completely deaerated.

Technical data:
• Marginal pressure losses due to a favourable air flow
• Pressures up to 50 bar
• Temperatures up to 80° C, in special designs up to 200° C
• Available in steel and brass design
• The couplings type HSKE have an enlarged flow diameter and are particularly suitable for mounting of air pressure tools.

Hose sockets for hose connection, connecting sockets with external and internal thread for air pressure units and fixtures, connecting sockets for couplings


Hermetikus Air Pressure Valves and Air Pressure Guns

Ergonomic design, low weight for easy handling easily adjustable air flow

Extended nozzles, protection nozzles and noise protection nozzles can be screwed on the valves and guns instead of the normal blast nozzle. Additional protection shields can be used as splash guards.

further information

Technical contact Mr. Thomas Volke

Tel: +49 (0) 711/34801-38