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Boehlerit GmbH & Co KG

Together with Bilz Boehlerit represents the metal segment of the Leitz group

As a manufacturer of cutting grades for the machining of metals, compound materials, plastics and wood, Boehlerit is synonymous with the highest production perfection in carbides and tools for turning, milling, drilling, grooving, automotive tool engineering for crankshaft machining and metallurgical applications, chipless forming and wear protection.


Boehlerit - eine Erfolgsstory seit 1932


Werk VI-Straße
A-8605 Kapfenberg
Tel.:    +43 (3862) 300-0
Fax:    +43 (3862) 300-793
Email:  info@boehlerit.com
Web:   www.boehlerit.at